Friday, October 10, 2008


Today pon school!!!excuse - mei mei b'dae,gt to help out!! (like i say,is jus excuse)..LOL
reach home at around 7..have a quick bath and went to sleep until 11.30pm when mama started nagging..and no choice,wake up eating breakfast with my eyes closing!!!

start my baking of eclair!!! successful! just that is small in size and not really like eclair due to the squeezers i use =(...mama start her cooking and i went to get the cake!!!

eating our dinner until half way and kw call!!! hilarie wanted to give surprise for my i was at there being scolded for 5 min as i change my clothes and they thought i'm going out-_-!!!....

Was deciding of what to do as the gals are toking and kw and me had nth to clever of me think of sth call......

W47K Class Photo =)