Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FUN FUN class today!!LOL...dester and feli is the king and queen joke la!!!..okok...here it goes

Dester,was "bully" by aaron!!! bcus..when dester is going back to his seat and going to sit down..the pro aaron,itch hand went to pull dester chair away and that poor dester,not knowing...fell down and landed on singsing bag!!LOL..i reali can't stop laughing k!!cus he is like just in front of me and i saw the whole thing la!!!bt then,it still veri dangerous!!!

Next,feli,the water supplier girl...name given to her by our faci..bcus she was going to refill her water in between when lesson is going on and she was helping people to take their bottle to refill...so,faci...call her the water supplier!!!LOL

and fadyl and dester was playing with something veri veri FUNNY!!!! see --->below