Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woke up at 6plus in the morning to accompany mummy for the check up.
Damm sleepy now.
Lucky everything was alright!

Jie came back from thailand and brought a Pyjamas for me -_-!
so i told her,she will get the same thing from me when i go hong kong!
Only 1 Pyjamas lei!!! Out of the 30 over clothings she brought for herself!!!

But 琳 was such clever.
She went to dig out all the chocolate that jie brought while we are talking,
like a kid.
and suddenly she turn to jie and say she wants all that.LOL
Was damm funny! then jie hurry and went to take back all her chocolates,
like 2 kids going to snatch back chocolate.
In the end,me and mummy keep asking jie to give 琳 some of the chocolates,
she is so unwilling when sharing with her,hahaha,but too bad!
(Thinking that i only had the Pyjamas,i join in the nagging with mummy :P)
and when daddy back,he did the same thing as 琳!!!! LOL
Like father like daughter!!!!!

Finally the card is here!

Tml is the day that the banner will be up!Hope so.
Also hope that it will came out good and not give me a shock of my life.
Though,there's something that they don't really have the professional in it,
but we pay for what we get right.