Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What have i been doing since intern end?!?!?

Meeting up with friends.
Rushing out all the shoes design.(Most of the time on this)
Waiting for the photo shooting day to come,
so that 3/4 of the work is ready.
Thinking of how to celebrate my 21st.
Looking forward to my HK trip with seemun!!!!
Planning for my future.
(well,maybe not really that far)
But i will not be further studying as for now,
in future,might be.

I really seriously can't stop myself from eating man.
Eating is such a enjoyable "hobby" that will cause a really negative problem!
Love and hate thing that everyday,this will torture my brain.
Fighting for : To eat or Not to eat.

Oh,and i know i owe many people this very precious thing.
i know i know...

ps : fel,i really don't know what the photos u want...up till
ps : mel,ehhhh....hahahaha...okok...speechless... will send u if i happen to see u online k :D
ps : ling,will pass u when i see u in person.

Is 1.40AM now,
surprise that i'm still awake!!!
Had been trying very hard to fall alseep this few day.
Feeling so damm awake and i will have to torture my eyes,
to keep playing with my itouch until i fall alseep!!!