Sunday, March 27, 2011

Treat daddy out for saturday afternoon lunch at kovan hk cafe!
There was this group of people which left their food 3/4 full.
Daddy was telling me that how "awful" the food is,
(well,he prefer me to bring him for pepper lunch the next time)

After that while walking back to the car park,
i tell him that since i'll be staying at home working,
I want to do some planting,which daddy is always doing,
but end up the plants or flower will always go to heaven!!! LOL
(Family joke)

So we head to the flower garden shops that is along kovan there for shopping!!
Let me introduce MY flowers and plants to you then :)

Brought the plants home,ready to have my little garden.

Plant - Basil (九層塔)

Plant - Lemon Leaf (柠檬叶)
(The smell is really damm freshing and nice)

Plant - Sunflower ( 太阳花)
(Is the smaller kind type of sunflower)

Plant - Starry Flower (繁天星)

Plant - Starry Flower (繁天星)

Plant - Starry Flower (满天星)
(Decide to grow it starting with the seeds)

Plant - Rose (玫瑰)

There will be one more coming next which is Chilli!!
Going to grow chilli because daddy say it is easy to grow.
Can use it for cooking next time also,lol,if i successfully grow it out