Friday, March 25, 2011

Out with Lx and Xy ytd.
Steamboat at Kichi Kichi.
(Not really nice,so-so only) But is cheap i can say.

Finally i pass them present after they give me so many!
Like seriously! LOL.
Was telling jie that i was so guilty..hahaha..for taking and not giving.
I was still feeling guilty after giving,bcus i'm sure they give me more than that :P
Now that we have grad from poly and them waiting for work and sch to start,
it mean more "going out with great food with them" :DDDD
We use to do it during secondary,heading out to eat every month.

Mani and Pedi~cure aftermath @ fareast

A happy day because i finally get to do mani and pedicure!!! :DDD
Because most of my friends will say it a waste of time.
But that what girls outing will do right!!! :DD