Sunday, April 18, 2010


Busy week start once sch reopen.
Will be having attachment at marina bay for both of it opening in April and June.

Then i had this deals for my shop where the shoes will be arriving next week.
Is a Surprise launch :D
Am so excited to the max!!!!

100% no time to do all the packing,sorting,sending and meeting of customer,
starting from this week.
So,conclude,hire people.

People,if you wanna work part time,contact me :D
Of course got pay.
But please don't ask me how much is the pay for fun if you don't intend to work ya =)

Prefer one weekday and sunday free.

Ytd when to pray kimwee!
It his birthday.
7 months since he left us,
will never forget him as our friend.

After that shop ard bishan with the girls,
brought a blazer at G2000!
Formal wear start tml.