Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Had decide not to blog about that incident for the moment 1st.
But i have another problem with this real stupid hotmail.
Yes! Real stupid !%U^$!%

I somehow forget my new password for my email account,
even though i remember it clearly should be XXXXXX.
But hotmail say is incorrect.
So i went to click the "forget password link" so that they can issue me a new password.
You know what!!!
They say that : your new password will be send to .
Guess what!!! The email account that i cannot log in is this .
Then they are going to send my new password to the account which i cannot log in!!!!!!

How am i able go going to get the new password,
like seriously!!!!!

and this email account is one of my important account,
where everything is link to it.
Now,hotmail trying to play "joke" with me huh!!!

Stupid ass!!!

Next which is i think my feet/toes are going to be like,
suffering so much!!!
Heels for like half a year or more?!?!?
My leg!!! Gosh!!!