Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thank You :D
Yes,wanna thank these 2 girls very much for helping me today!!!
Kw,kw mum and zx!!!
Helping me to do the mass meet up and packing of the shoes.

Went to Marina Bay Sand for training today.
Yes,i went to the casino. Woot~
Is so grand and we don't need to pay the $100. LOL

Will start working at there on tuesday.
Yeap,we are the Ambassador of Marina Bay Sand for their both opening.
Seriously,we are lucky to the max right.
Having to work in both their opening.

Did such a right decision to stop my spree for 1 week.
Got to clear all the current customer order 1st,
if not everything will go messy again.

Sometime i think i am really "superwoman".
Doing all the thing by myself,only recently,
when the attachment clash with all my weekend,
orders start to increase (good sign,of course)
I start to know that i can't cope by myself,alone,
sending in wrong order or missing out order.
Seriously need a plan to be out to prevent all those problem from happening.
But,i'm really not very good in planning,
especially,everything is in a mess now.
I mean my schedule,working shift is only to be known tml,
Class start at 9am tml and end at 4plus,after that is grooming session.
Mean will only be home at night and if i was to work morning shift,
i had to wake up at 5 as we had to reach 7am at MBS the next day.

What i really need now,is to sleep.But,ya(no choice)
Everyday slept less than 5hrs!

Ok,enough of typing,WORK!!!