Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should i recruit or not?!

School is going to start in 2 more days time.
No more shopping and late night.
Weekend fully booked for my shop!
Been thinking of ways to send out all the postage,
usually done all postage by tuesday but once school start,
i can only do it by wednesday night or saturday afternoon.
Which mean saturday,stock arrive,sorting,checking,packing,photo taking.
Try to mail out by afternoon if possible ? (which is so immpossible)
Sunday,mass meet up!
Oh my!!! How to do all by myself?!?!?!?!

Make a big mistake today.
Miss out one customer option,ending letting her to wait for 30min = (

Anyway,late out ytd with the girls.
Kbox and MJ.
Super suay! Lost my ez-link card!!!!

Not forgetting to thanks XY for accompany plus helping me to do the delivery ytd =)

To Meli~ssaaa tannnnn!!!
If you see this!!
I going to skin you alive this saturday!!!
I saw the facebook photo!!!