Monday, November 9, 2009

Ytd was a nightmare for the family!!!
琳 almost scare us to hell!!!

We are just so glad that daddy is at home telling us what to do.
If not for him,i don't think i'm able to react fast and right,
doing everything that should be done.
Jie was not at home when thing happen.
Mummy was there crying,
daddy is trying to calm her,
and trying to wake 琳 up at the same time.
But she just didn't react and the hand started to go kind of stiff?!
Which cause mama to cry even more.

I was so panick but i was still thinking clear.

Call the ambulance and it arrive within 5 min plus.
the feeling of waitng for the ambulance to arrive is so....idk.
Sitting in the ambulance alone was so...scary?!
Cause i don't know what happening behind.

As to conclude,everything is fine now.
Anyway,the doctor that 琳 was allocate to should be a newbie doctor.
The whole process was just so funny that 琳 and me can't stop laughing.
We are basically saying "huh" to everything he say
because we can't understand all his scientific term.

*There is just so many coincidence that happen ytd.