Sunday, November 1, 2009

Went oversea trip hunting for parent ytd.
We was out for 6hrs going to many travel agency at chinatown.
It was fun though.With the daddy friends too.

There was this uncle who is damm nice.
Was telling mama that i smell some sotong smell somewhere.
When we walk up the stair,i point to her the store that is selling bbq sotong,
because she say didn't smell anything.
Then the next thing dad friend (the uncle) do,
was to go to the sotong store and quene for the sotong.
At 1st we thought he wanna get some food for himself.
But then,he was to buy that bbq sotong for me to eat. LOL.
I was only telling mama that i smell sotong and i doesn't really like to eat sotong too.hahaha.
I still eat it anyway as the uncle is like so damm nice =)

As for today,i basically rot in my studyroom and bedroom the whole afternoon to watch CT 24.
Finally i am left with the last season to watch.
Going to watch ugly betty after that.