Friday, November 20, 2009

I think i am going to fail al my UT,
unless miracle happen,like the school system spoil
Then the whole school retake the UT. LOL

Accounting was really suck!!!
Partial on that day to fel house,
nice "rotting" at her house man,
even though it is so far till jurong area.
Woke her up from her beauty sleep,
with me watching youtube while she munch on her UT!! haha

Been rushing out the shoes spree every night,
my eye is really so poor thing,
because i still keep doing it even though my eye is "complaining"

Tomorrow will be study day! YES!! Saturday study!!!
Jas will be coming to teach us accounting and statistic.
I really must listen and learn.
But then.with girls like can we miss chit chatting?!?!?