Sunday, November 22, 2009

Went out with mama and 琳 today!
Total we spent $200 plus.
I alone spent $90!!!But then not my own money!!! :D :D

I eat hell lots of sinful foods today!
Just treat it as a break for myself then. =)

Girls talk ytd.
Was suppose to be a revision study,but...LOL
Hope that we will always have this type of chit chatting session at my house.
Is sooo sooo GREAT! Rigth?! =)

3 More weeks to HOLIDAY!!!!
Chyng and Yann!!! Meet up soon after your exam!!
Let go crazy with lots of LAUGHTER ya!!! woot!

People!!! Visit my Shoes Spree!!
There is total of TWO spree up :D (New one posted ytd)