Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogging!!!not veri enthu in blogging anymore...will just look at my blog,keep looking then press on the X button on top everytime!!!
been holiday for quite some time and i seriously think i haven done anything seriously yet except for staring at my com everyday to "hope" email coming in!!!
I'm waiting for my evils twins to finish their exam and the oldies gals to finish their too =(... going to do some baking this week...
I'm getting a new cam!! but is nothing to be happy at all bcus i had to buy it myself!!!and i think i have spent finish the money for this month my dad had give me!!!

When mahjong at jm hs ytd till 4 plusn this morning!!! lots of stupid thing we say!! the "tortise" thingy and it is raining outside now!!! i think jm going to "pour" some "rain" to her "poor" neighbour soon...hahaha...

Didn't mange to answer fang call ytd and didn't know that we had to collect the shirt today in sch until fel wake me up at 2 plus!
*sorry girls, the one who is going to help me bring the shirt back : i know u very good one!!! pls help me bring it on sat k!!! (i hope is not fel who bring it back,if not i'm sure i'm going to die in her hand one!!!! ) LOL..