Monday, February 23, 2009

21st Feb Saturday

Is the flyer day with the kids!! The kids was so excited and noisy for this trips!! and my little kid was calling out my name which make me feel so weird!! he didn't add a jie jie behind it.Imagine a primary 2 or 3 keep calling your funny!!!and this time round,i didn't get any sweet for him bcus i'm BROKE!!! bt he brought "1" for me!!!hahaha..

Ok,me and fang was in one flyer and singsing and fel was in another...inside was quite stuffy!! and seriously,it is not a very good idea to tell story inside there bcus not all the kids will be concentrating on it! Lucky ours was told in the center =)

Me and fang was like in our own world inside there,taking photos..LOL...bcus is our 1st time too!!!

after that went suntec with the gals,no shopping for me!!!dinner at some noodles place,bt none of us eat noodles...

home to aunt hs bcus no one accompany me to the Mrt station and i'm tired of the long journey back home too..which is so far!!!

22nd Feb Sunday
Out with chyng to chinatown..many things to shop around there,but,is still a no money shopping for me =(!!! food was all provided by her!!LOL...and she did something really blur plus stupid there which make me like walking plus shopping alone even though she is just beside me!!!after that home with her and waited for papa to come and fetch me home as i seriously wanted to go home to bath but mama say wanted to go bedok and was nagging along the way till me and papa say ok! well,lucky i go...bcus i get something in return! woot~~=)