Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Been going to hougang mall continuously for don't know how many days!!!The lady at the singpost already recongise me!!LOL..

Saw a couple today,the guy was an idiot! well,i was sitting beside their table facing toward them.When his girlfriend was back with her meal she brought at some store,the guy,was "shock" at her gf bcus she didn't get for him!!

Guy : Where my dinner??why only yrs?then i don't need to eat la!!
Girl : (say sth which i can't hear)
Guy : i wanted prawn noodle..where is it??then only u eat dinner la!!
Girl : blah blah blah...........
Guy : you can have the dinner yrself then! (and then he walk away leaving his gf eating by herself)

The guy was such a ass!!leaving her gf eating alone!! just bcus of his stupid prawn noodles!! -.-

Yeap,and i seriously don't know what wrong with my two "clever" sisters at home!! the younger one,make spoils our parent and our room tv controller...whereas the elder one,more "clever" make spoil the living room television...until she saw spark coming out of the television!! -_-!!!