Saturday, February 28, 2009

27 FeB 09

Finally they have finish their exam!! woot~~~ went for the dim sum buffet..we wanted to go since last year !!! was damm full after eating,the dim sum at there is always so fresh and big!!hahaha...esp the siew mia and har gao!!! new information collected from the two girls too!!LOL..after that went around people park area and shop for awhile (actually is to help to digest our food)..then decide to go to p.s....was actually choosing fareast or!!!OMG!!! big no to that!!! so in the end,i still win..=)

shop at daiso..big clap for lx!! bcus she didn't buy anything from there,is a very very little % she will not buy!!! dim sum had been half digest by then and our mouth felt "itch" so went to hougang mall shi lin! saw cheryl and zhen ying!been so long since i saw cheryl foo!!!

after finish our food at there,is home time for the two evil twin but a starting of second journey to me..rush home and had a quick bath,then out to kw hs for our oldies mahjong + gossiping session!!! =)

zx was not able to stay overnight and was being "chased" to go home by 12!!! so is like we only play mahjong for hr we decide to slp as it is not fun playing with just 3 ppl!!! went to bed at 1am..but!! ya!!! 3 gals in a room!!!who the hell will slp right!!! so we talk,chat,gossip all about our primary sch thingy!!! was damm damm funny!!!jas and kw have good memory like hell man!!! and i didn't know that me and jas was so called "letter transporter" for our 2 oldies gals ya!!! =)

28 Feb 09

was awake by zx call at around 5.30am saying she coming over! 6.30am she reached! 7am we start playing (ok,i know the timing of 7am seem abit funny,but is really funny to me too!! lol) our mahjong till 1.50pm in the afternoon as zx gt to go for her driving lesson! i was like the bigger winner!!! yeah!!! i won $17 =) i think only playing with them i can win money!!
DANIEL LOW!!! see!!! not playing with u i win so much!!! hahaha..(cus i realised playing mahjong with daniel is such a stressful thingy) everytime only giving out money to him -_-!