Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Went out with lx today...ps to amk to hougang..went to the usual place..HK cafe!! and then was shocked by the prawn paste chicken when it is serve..it had turn from a..erm...pingpong ball size to a small marble size -_-!!!

Finally she brought more things then me!!!woot~~~ but i'm still good for not physco~~~her to get more shoes!! THANKS me hurry up!!!!
But suay of me,tml gt to go back to try on the shoes =( ....

One more day..it will be 2009!!damm fast!!!2008 will be over!!! damm lazy to go for any countdown celebrations..lol..so..i will be a good gal,stay at home to stare at my lappy!!!

~~no photos taken~~bcus i think we were too busy transfering from one place to another..lol