Monday, December 22, 2008

ok..will have some post now~~~

went to do some volunteerly work with fang,sing and fel....on 17th and 18th...was do some talking and playing with kids(which are not so xing fu)...i got 2 kids!!!both guys,9 year old =) they are super active and i learn some new character from them...BEN10!!!which was equal to my DOAREMON period..LOL...will be back again nxt mth 24th to do story telling and 31st on the singapore flyer!!!

after that was to do the photo shooting and weekend came for wrking =(
then on the following week,SL will be shopping for HP,do some baking...go for hair cutting...have some gathering...organise my table and hk drama...etc...wah!!!I AM A BEE!!!!!

Something felt lost and i know why~~~~