Friday, December 26, 2008

It been so busy for me since school holidays start...but this is what i wanted at first...full use of the holidays and not wasting it...but i don't think my body can take it,it is trying to make me feel damm is time to slow down now~~

well come to think of it...from the holidays till now..i haven meet up anyone of my people yetx =(..only 1 had..i think..evils twin was back...but was busy working...oldies timing was hard to settle as kw is starting sch nxt mon =(..then gathering was like far far away,not to say about our chalet =(....okok...hopefully able to meet up ajm and ling on sunday =) and then more to come!!!!!

Went Bugis with mama to find da jie and do some shop shop...then to meet that two "poor" girls...which can't do their ard at bishan then to amk...yann come back with us and stay for awhile before heading home =)