Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back with my First 3D2N Oversea Trip with the bffs few days back!
Finally having a trip out together after knowing each other for like 15 years!!
Enjoyable and fun trip,hopefully we are able to travel far in future :)

My roomate for the 2 night :)

Off to take cable car ~

Photo spamming time :D

Call the strawberry farm in advance before we head down for them to send the strawberry car over to fetch us.

All the pretty flowers!!!!

Super cloudy on the way back

Head our meal at this "blue" colour restaurant for quite a few meals! Nice western food and the price is good!

Head to some museum which so super funny thing happen! Always push the two bff to "die" LOL!

Forced to take the inner theme park ride with me!

Roam around the mall before heading to Kbox and bowling!

Can't remember much on what we did on which day because this is a super outdated post!
 (   updated this on 2014 Jan :P  )