Sunday, July 15, 2012

Working now when everybody is sleeping!
Ok,that's the life for the normal working peeps,as tomorrow is monday,mean working time!

Been reading the 2 business book i brought awhile ago.Learning and trying to figure out how to get it work on me and my business.Times where you just have to listen to yourself.Is like,you know that the decision got to be made or there's thing that i have to do.Yet,i just couldn't DO IT! Just keep thinking and look at the time go by :(

Hate to make big decision,but we learnt from mistake don't we.

Anyway,been doing lots of researching this month.There's really so many online shop out there now.Even with the super compeitive times now,more and more new shop is coming up.Felt that these people are so brave.When i was at my sourcing trip,saw many pretty clothes,super tempted to sell apparel too!But i just keep telling myself to cool down,not to be impulsive.Is so hard to gain yourself a stand in the apparel online industry now,esp for the new comers.

Coming up with some collboration with awesome/popular online shop for the customers!! Hopefully,am able to clinch the deals :D

Waiting for the busy August to come.
Genting with the oldies.
Uni D&D sponsorship.
OH,the 4th year of HauteUrban!!!