Saturday, May 25, 2013

5D4N Hongkong Trip with le BFF and my parents!
Been heading to Hongkong every year during May for the past 2 years!
Will not be heading back again next year for sure! 
Unless during their winter period or super cheap ticket sales!!!

Reach Hongkong with bff 1st as we took different flight as my parent!
Check in to our apartment at Mongkok area

Brought some food to eat before heading out to roam the street. Did a little shopping at Argyle Center.

Brought this foot patch everytime i went there! Keep my feet warm and help to reduce the soreness i had from all the walking and shopping!

Head out to fetch the old couple! :D

 Simple dinner at some 茶餐厅 below our apartment!

Day 2
Brought them over to one of my favourite breakfast place! 澳洲牛奶公司for the scramble egg!

Cable car to see the big Buddha! We queue for 30-45min to broad the cable car! 
Lucky that the weather is windy and cool,if not,daddy sure say forget about it! 

Dinner at Yun Kee (镛记)

Day 3

Breakfast at my favourite store!!! The porridge is da BEST!
生记粥面,located just oppsite The City View Hotel! at Yau Ma Tei Station.
But the staff at there are quite unfriendly~
Order Pig liver porridge if you do eat,NICE!

Tea Break at Itacho Sushi

Laduree Macaroons

Super cool little shrimp! Wanted to buy this back,but i doubt the customs will allow it :(

Dinner time = Street Food

Have the famous steam egg milk pudding (燉奶) at 義順牛奶公司

Day 4
Breakfast at Burger King before heading out for shopping!

We walk all the way from Yau Ma Tei to the town area! Just a apprx 30min walk if you know the way~
Head down to find the famous Jenny Cookies!
Paisano Pizza for lunch first.
Two slice of it is only for just $3 SGD

Jenny Cookies!

Day 5

Checkout from our apartment and book into our half day hotel before our night flight!

Head out to 黄大仙庙 to pray

Dessert at some mall

Dinner at the airport before the flight back

Loots for this year Hongkong Trip!