Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yeah!!! Finally counting down 1 week to my holiday!!!!
All my friends are all having their uni exam,slogging their brain everyday!
But,i just can't help telling them how excited i am about my trip.LOL.
Mainly excited that i am going oversea but they are not,not much excited about the trip itself,haha.
But that what best friends do,don't you :P

Anyway,apart from that,finally settle down with the new web design.Hopefully,it can be done up by June!
With all the automate system,i can concentrate more on the new one and other things.

Lunch tomorrow at Ikea with jie and chyng,thinking whether to join jie and her friend aftermath for dinner,free Ichiban Sushi meal!!! They have $80 voucher to use!

Durian Feast which we had last week :D