Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Will do alittle blogging before replying emails.

Had been doing research whole day!!!
On e-commerce web,wanted to change HauteUrban to shopping cart style for more easy viewing of items and payment.Seriously dislike to do this type of research.Still remember the 1st time researching about the same thing when i decide to shift from blogger to .com.

Was thinking do use international service like volusion or shopify etc or local web design (Which take care of everything for setting it up).
Found this blog which i find it very useful for people like me looking for self creating the web : http://andrewbleakley.com/blog/
After reading all the pro and cons of different company,i still can't decide!
Decide to find a local web design to do for me instead!
Why? Cause if anything goes wrong,easy to contact the person in charge.
So many thing to look into,the web hosting,maintenance of website,after service,charges and most important,they are available 24/7!

Early on,lunch with ling.She say is to celebrate for her getting a job! :)
Though i was the one paying(shldn't it be her since she found a job?!)
But she promise to treat me when she got her 1st pay!!! <3