Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Kong

Back from Hong Kong and Guang Zhou!

Hong Kong

Went to eat at 義顺牛奶公司 at Yau Ma Tei,Chyng had been craving of it and insist that we had our 1st meal there!

Ate their famous steam milk (焞奶) only as i wasn't feeling that well.

Of course,my main shopping place,H&M.
Went to the one at Tsim Sha Tsui.
But i still prefer the one at Central,more big and organise.
Went to the central one a few day later :)

Another food place that Chyng insist we eat,jie and her ate their egg tart and bun,hmm,not that nice as stated by them. LOL

Dinner at Temple Street :D

My Favorite food Store!! Their fried 大肠 is the best i ate so far at Hong Kong. Does not have the rubber taste.Went to this place to eat twice during the stay in Hong Kong.

Breakfast at another must place by me!! 澳洲牛奶公司 (Australia Dairy Company) at Jordan Station.Their scramble egg and bread,BEST!

Taking Nong Ping 360 Cable car to Lantau Island to the Buddha place.
Took the Crystal Cabin.

We was behaving like "normal tourist" on the way there in the cable car.
Because,there was another family of 3 from Taiwan taking with us.

Beancurd recommend by Chyng again :D
Is cold one,with ginger sauce and brown sugar. Not bad :)

Very funny scene we saw. It stated no Dogs allow,can you saw where the dog is?! LOL

On the way back after touring at the island. This time round,we had the whole cabin ourselves!
Play time!!! Alot of candid photos we took,but not all can be posted!hahaha,below are those that i have scan through,which can be posted :P

Half of the journey back,we keep waving to the opposite direction cabin people,entertain them and self entertain at the same time! LOL,super fun!

Getting ready to go out with a meal.
Dim Sum for Lunch plus Breakfast!

黄大仙 to pray and 求签!

Aftermath,they went to The peak,Madame Tussauds. Did not head over with them as i already been there the previous trip with Seemun (which is 1 year ago only). Don't want to waste money.
Hong Kong was having some riot that day,policemans was everywhere at central area.

Guang Zhou

Celebrate Jie birthday!
Surprise her at her room around 12am plus. LOL
Succeed in surprising her as she say she did not except it!

Next Morning,Yann and the bf,came to surprise her with another birthday cake :)

Taking the 广州珠江夜游,we took the cruise : 特步号,sit : 三楼船头边位.(Front of the ship at 3rd Level)
VIP view. Only us can be in there. Super funny incident during the tour,contribute by Mr Barry!

It was raining quite heavy,hence the staff ask us to go to the 2nd floor to stay awhile 1st to avoid the rain.

Complementary Drink and snack serve by them.

The rain stop,hence we went up to our VIP place :D

More photo to be edited if i have the time to upload it from my phone.
Did not take much photo during this trip,plainly because,lazy :P

Shopping experience at GuangZhou is very interesting and funny,need alot of walking away and back to the store before you get the price you want. (Those who went there before will understand)
Basically,speak chinese when shopping at there.The price they offer you and their local will be a huge different if you speak english.
Slash the price by at least half for most of the item.
During our trip,any price that is more than SGD10,we will not buy.
Taking taxi at there,SNATCH is the way to do.
Changing shift for taxi at there is 3 - 4pm.It will take you more than 30min to get on a cab during this timing.

Me jie and chyng went over to 深圳 also during the stay at hong kong. The shopping at there is more to supply,bulk purchase. Hence,they will not really entertain you much if you are buying just 1-2 pieces.We went there for only a few hours and then back to hong kong.Nothing interest us much.
Shopping area that you must go : 上下九街.
Wanted to go to 状元坊,but our hotel staff and the staff at our massage place,told us to be very careful when going there as there's alot of pickpocket.Hence,we did not go in the end.

Will post up the photo of the apartment and hotel i stay in these 2 place next post :D