Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wonder should i watch the soccer match tonight,
since i got alot of thing need to be done.

Luck was damm good on friday night with the cliques.
Total and only winner of $20.
Ok,dan also,but he have to pay mel debt off.LOL

Anyway,in a few more weeks,HauteUrban is Officially 2 years.
2 years sound quite a short period of time,
but to me,many thing changes and happen within this 2 year!

Mummy was always saying,
i was the one that they worries the most for my future.
Because my grade in study is CMI one.
I dislike study,prefer hands on stuff.
But now,i am the one they does not have to worries much because of my online business.
They are really proud of me,well,i am PROUD of myself too.
Though i have a few friends or people i know,
don't really encourage me or think that it is nothing big deals at all.
Of course,i choose to ignore or turn deaf when this type of comment is made.
because i know for myself,how much effort i had put in.
But i don't blame them,because even my own sisters and my dad also don't really encourage or think Proud of me,
only until recently,when everything is going up,
they start to look serious of my business.

However to these people : my oldies,ET and seemun,they will never discourage me.
Always there to hear my problem and help me out when i need.
Really appreciate it :D

Anyway,been thinking to import a series of bag in.
(not thinking,is want! )
But the model,don't want reply me.very good.friend somemore.
(ok,i mean past classmate) LOL
Made me happy and excited for a few min only -_-!!
But is ok,i already had someone else in my mind.

Next up,waiting for tue to come.
Shabu Shabu and my Oldies :D

Sometime,we just have to keep silence to keep everything like what it is.
But i can't still believe if that is true. hmm..