Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After such a long period since holiday,
i finally found myself calling LX to book a timing with her,
and XY(not call yet,soon :D ,cause LX more troublesome..haha)

Finally brought the baby clothes at CP today.
Should skip for the mother part as mummy say the baby stuff should be enough.
(This is call maintaining good relationship with working partner)

Oh and i found the card reader. Thanks God!!!
If not my ears will be gone (cus is da jie one)
and i can't upload the shoes photo.

Finally clear my study room with the help from mummy!!!
I can now finally see my "long lost table" after so many days~~

Wanted to upload the photo where we take in class using my lappy.
But,is soooo unglam!!!
So,forget it then. LOL

August is a busy week for me and HauteUrban.
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