Thursday, July 22, 2010

When i am in school,
i will always think about how good if i was to be at home,
i can do alot of things which cannot be done in school.
When i am at home,
i will just do nothing for half of the day,
only start to do serious work for like 2-3hrs.
What is this man!!! TSL!!!!

Anyway,have ajisen with fel for dinner.
Library aftermath.
Miss the time where i use to go library with zx,
We had alot of funny thing that happen in library. LOL
ZX ar!!!! Got BF don't want me le right?!?!
So hard to get you out now =(

Oh,so was thinking whether to pon school tml,
because i don't like that faci grading,
even though all of my girls like her,
cause they got good grade from her,like A.
But i only got the best which is B from her. Don't like.
Mandy is better.My "A" faci :D