Monday, June 28, 2010

Went sentosa today with the yr 3 girls.
I want to go universal studio!!
We are like those poor student where we are standing at the fence there,
looking in the universal studio with our "sparkling eyes". LOL

Dinner with chyng and jie,lucky i go!
hahaha,awesome dinner with them :D
Cab home after that as i am damm sleepy and tired.

Ohya,and we went to vivo for a short shopping before heading off for my dinner.
That the time when i think of...FEL!!! SHOPPING!!! hahaha..
Fel ah,shopping time!!! Faster!!!
My bag really going to torn or snap off anytime man,
i need a new bag!!!
Good reason to go shopping :D :D

and i just realise that i actually forget to do a few day of the RJ,
for those day that i went to MBS!!! OMG!!! =( =(