Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A crazy busy week i had since holidays start.
Did not really had a good rest till today,
because i decide to pon the grooming class.
Really too tired to travel all the way to school.

I am having piles of emails to reply everyday.
Is a good sign but very tiring.
Chyng was over to help out on sunday. But i am still damm tired.
Lot more thing to teach her,
hope that her packing skill can improve in a super fast pace.
I was also once a slow packer and i can pack the shoes in hours or more last time.
Now,i had already been train to pack fast,by myself :D

Lots of photos to upload,shall see if i am able to upload tonight.
Still got HauteUrban photo not uploaded yet.

Lots of people are asking,
What you intend to do after you graduate from poly.
Hmm,i don't think i am going to further study,
so is either work by myself (HU) or find outside job.
Half of my friends say that i should continue to work by myself for (HU),
but some was very shock when i say i going to work by myself.

I am so happy that i am able have this little business of my own,seriously.
Looking at the money that i earn by myself,
not been taking any money from my parent.
Except for my pocket money,which i insist,
because i think that it is right for me
as i am still schooling mean they have to give me till i graduate.
That what my mum say too.