Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The moment i think of egg mayo now,i wanna puke.
Been eating that on last friday,monday and today!!!
Will stop eating that tml.

This time round attachment at MBS is so,not fun!terrible,stupid....
Why because i think that the in-charge teacher and peoples this time round,
just CMI!!!
Expect for some of our friend,who treated us more like a friend than like our "boss." They are wearing the same badge as us call AMBASSADOR!!!
Ok,just that they wear black,we wear red.
They LOVE the faci and the faci LOVE them.
They time us for meal,did UNLV time us and YOU for that?!
lastly,they are the management staff and we are manage by them.

RP is just trying to please MBS by agreeing to help them out whatever MBS want.
Then us,the student,get all the "shit."
Please,we are already free labour,still want more from us -_-!!!
Only know how to threaten us by using our daily grades!
But because we can already forsee that RP is going to do this to us,
we have been going school before the event start to "save" our grades :D
We are not stupid afterall.

Haven meet up my ET for the longest!!!
Our timing is always not right,and i am going attachment soon =(.

Lots of photos waiting for me to be upload.