Friday, May 21, 2010

Going to blog this 1st before i start work tonight!

I think i am so spolit by my friends!!
Especially my oldies.
Since young,yes,we know each other since primary school,so is young.
I think my oldies hardly fight anything with me.
Till now,i think everytime they just give in to me whatever i say.
Even though sometime they had made the choices,
but if i wanted another choice of mine,
eventually they will go according to me.
Isn't is so bless to be "spolit" by them :D :D

Just like ytd,zx wanna go prata,i wanna go ikea,
in the end,we headed to ikea! LOL
I think the reason why they always let me had my way,is because,

Jas - Scare of me..LOL...I swear,she is really damm funny,oldies should know.
Zx - plain lazy to argue with me..and since she's my buddy,she just let me..LOL.
Kw - well,she is the only one who might argue with me..but still,i think most of the time i win.
hahaha,ok,is she let me win!!!

Just tell me how not to love them more!!! :D

Next post will be on another group of friends =)