Sunday, May 16, 2010

Even though i had so much things yet to do,
i don't know why am i still clicking away,
with all the non-related stuff =(.

UT tml - Not prepare.
Room - In a mess.

and all i can think to do now,
is to go and SLEEP!!!

anyway,quite a few friends asking me,
celebrating my birthday this years?!
Seriously,i really can't think of anything about it.
Gosh,1st time i got no ideas. LOL
But still,will be going to have a big feast on my birthday,
with my family...cause..
We are celebrating Jie and Mine birthday together this year instead.
Due to jie have to prepare her final year uni exam on her actual date,
since her birthdsay is like just 9 days before mine.

Oh and not forgetting,
Jie birthday cake is going to be the most expensive this year,
due to a wrong decision done by my mum,
which is letting 琳 in-charge of the cake. LOL.
She,treat it as her own birthday cake!
Brought the cake that she long for every long,
which i think it cost $60 plus or more,
when mummy intention was to just buy a cake ard $30.
Well,that our little sister,forever the joke of our house :D