Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wanted to blog some happy thing that happen these few days but~~~

I seriously can't tolerate some of the customers man.
Sometime i just wonder, is there really some people,that are so bored,
that they think that emailing people to be rude to them is so fun?!?!

Anyway,i just keep telling myself,i got the rest 99% of customer which are always nice and sweet.

Recently,yeap,the recent collection where it crash with all my working days at MBS.
The 2 biggest collection i had,i made quite alot of mistake.
Just today,i receive 2 customer telling me that they have receive both same side of their shoes.
Kill me please.

I keep telling myself,the workload is overloaded to be handle by myself.
But,hiring people to help out is also another big problem.
Especially when your family member are not really able to give you much help,
instead much more stress given when they see that i am doing quite well.

Another thing is that i am so stress up by my dad.
He is like so angry and will scold me (which end up stressing me like hell)
whenever,i did something error with my online shop,
especially thing that do with my : sending out wrong shoes.
- Like my customer is not angry,but my dad is damm angry.
Why? because he will be the one who drive me around to do the amend.

But still~~
see,at 1st i wanted to ask him drive me to take the wrong shoes send to the customer.
But,just the thought of the reaction he will give,
i decide to ask the customer to send it back to me instead.

and which is why,i told my oldies that i am going to do my driving lesson by next year,
even though i am like 99.9% don't want/dare to drive. =(