Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fun Laugh Session!!
Yes,a mini oldies gathering at my house.(so last min).
GS,ZW,ZX,XR,JAS plus SL!!!

Laughing like hell in the "bonding" poker session. LOL
ZX pls don't post the video!! (even though i never saw it yet..but~~ LOL )
After that was this true/NO dare session...hahaha...

Feel damm werid + embarassing now,because,
my DAD room door is not close when we are asking all those question!!!
OMG OMG!!! seriously, i feel like banging the wall now!!!
I think the most suitable people to play this game is only ZX and GS!

After that was a little chat between the 3 of us and then the 2 of us,
of course,after the guys left~~

* I think i had been too high in the games we are playing just now,
that my whole body is so warm now -_-!

Ok,i have 20 min more to finish up my RJ.