Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally hand in my PP today.
Hopefully it will be approve.

Got to know my timetable and the new class(mates)
So happy.

Is like when we are in sec sch,
we don't feel any werid or scare,100% comfortable,
no butterfly in your stomach one day before school reopen.
because the classmates are all familiar faces even classes change.
No need to go through the thing call "Ice Breaking" or "Introduce yourself"


My new classmates for sem 2 are half my sem 1 classmates!!! Woot~
Ke,boon,evon,shalom....and more.
All my "going home tgt" girls are with me!!!
It just feel so good and definetly no butterfly on sunday night.
(even though i 100% not scare of new classmates,but the feeling of familiar people tgt,is just sooooo good :D)

Ok,got to go back and help 琳 with her packing for her Cambodia trip.
Going to miss her badly in the 8 days man!!
No one to play with.
Lucky school reopen for me.