Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Done something stupid today.
Was in school 1hrs before the class start,
because i saw the WRONG timing for the class!!!! -_-.

Everyone know i am watching youtube in class everyday.
Conversation always start with : SL,stop watching video/youtube.
That something not good of. LOL. But still....hahaha

Nothing exciting up recently,except for my blogshop.
Well,not exciting,but something to trouble about. =(

Oh,and i've been eating fish & chip for 3 days this week.OMG!
Just can't resist the tempting of the fish!!!
Is all because of ruike,tempting us to eat! LOL
*Pretty girl today ya,my daugther :D

Watch this :
Sand Animation.She is so awesome.
Judges was touch by her animation too.