Monday, August 3, 2009

UT3 is coming in 2 weeks time!!!
Should really start studying for it!!!
UT and PP is the only thing we need to do for year 2.
Well, is really very less work compare to my friends in other poly.
But still it hard to balance the thinking sometime.
But the fact won't change.
TSL accept the fact!! =(

Is really very hard and tired to have friends when everytime u need to guess what the purpose of that person asking you this or telling you that.
It had been done so hell lots of time to cause this.
I just can't stop myself from doubting that person.-.-
Seriously i am not very sure whether that person treat me as their friend?!
But i really treat them as friends if not i won't be in this stupid state now!!!

(But it will bring me hell i think so~) SHUT UP TSL!!!!

I think i need my priest and seemun again.emo state.
Anyway,meeting my priest zx tml =)