Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wake up at around 7am in the morning when i only slept at 2am!!!hardly open my eyes!
Drag myself up as need to go and buy the steamboat food!!!
The other two is always useless in this!!! =p
When to nearby market,gelyang market and nearby market again!!!

See!!! This show that it is damm early that there no car driving around yet!!!

I am really very sleepy throughout the journey!!yawns!!!

Reach home and last min cousin say they are coming,so when to bedok supermarket again to get more food.
Watch youtube till 5pm and started to prepare all the foods!!!
As usual,the other 2 is sitting at the floor looking at me and mama while we are preparing the foods!!! Especially the young one!!!totally useless to the max ok!!! LOL!!!

See!!! 1st to eat!!!!

Hell loud of fun!! we are like singing the song together and jie is there again, planning the next clubbing when Yann turn 18 in sept!!

Then the birthday song and cake!!!

Pledge at 8.22pm!!! :D