Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movie with zx at amk.
Quite a draggy movie.Overall not bad.

Was feeling not well till now.Feel like vomitting.
Think should be that chicken wing fault.ewwwww
Damm uncomfortable now!!!
Worst,they are going to on aircorn tonight!!!my nose!!! =(

They have already ask me to go out and sleep with the extra bed i had taken out myself.-_-
Mei: Why can't u just go outside slp by yrself.
I say : I can't slp without you beside me.LOL
Jie(talking to mei) : Ok,you go out and sleep with her(me) then.WHAHAHA.
Stop trying to kick me out of the room you two asses!!! LOL.:P

HauteUrban are selling not bad after the new formating and all the advertisment.
But it cost much more than the previous one.
Big thanks to these people from helping me out.
Yes,they didn't charge me with all the service they are helping out.

Photographer : Sam
Model : Felicia
Dearest Seemun
Always Zixin
Mummy and Daddy too

ZX pls don't move house,if not i will cry like hell man.
Maybe to kidnap your mum then. LOL