Friday, May 6, 2011

Today is the cool down day for everyone.
Mummy was asking me why aunt never call her today,
then i told her,cus today is the cool down day for everyone!! =)

Anyway,before fel decide to kill me,posting~~
Cus her SD card was with me.LOL.
(Self note joke with her) HAHAHAHA

Meet her on wednesday,which is a day off for me.
She was late,due to traffic jam.and~~
I did not scold her...because,
New Look is having SALES!!! WOOT!!!
Happily shopping at New Look,clothes and shoes :DDD
Total amount spent : $255 for that 1 hr! :P
Shop until fel is already at the eating place waiting for me,
i am still in the fitting room trying my clothes,LOL.

So after getting the calls for chasing me out of 313,
we had our lunch at Wild Honey.
Food there was so-so only,which what i felt
But a very nice place to have meal.
They serve all day breakfast.
We ate the English Breakfast and another one which i forget is what.

Was raining damm heavy while/after eating our meal.

After that continue my shopping~
Brought wallet which jie give me as my 21st Birthday.
Brought KW 21st Present.
Brought my Own 21st Gift to my ownself :DD

Head to
HaagenDas for Ice Cream!

Head over to Ion to check for New Look sales,
but was very little compare to 313.
Brought nothing over there.

Then head over to fareast for hair cut.
Lucky we went there early,
as our hairdresser,Sam,appointment for that day was full,
many customer who came after that was all told to come back other day.
*We did not make any appointment,lol,VIP liao la,fel!!!!