Thursday, May 12, 2011

A few hour to my Graduation Day :DD
Is just 4 more days to my HK trip. =)
Started to feel that time is not enough!
Because,i haven order my cake,catering
and have not come up with the actual plan too.

Been coughing for more than 3 week now.
More is due to me refuse to stop drinking cold water everyday! Hot weather!!!
Stomach is feel sick too.
Toilet after every meal -_-!

Anway,i was doing my fav hobby the whole day.
Reading storybooks!!!
Thus i only start working at this timing,no choice.

Daddy and Mummy is going real crazy soon with the amount of shoes ard the house.
I also can't really stand the mess that i cause,lol
is really too messy and during weekend,it will be more worst!
Is time to really look for small office now.