Monday, April 11, 2011

Seemun came over today to do some planning for our hk trip.
Wanted to head over to guangzhou and shenzhen initially,

think we might just forgo the ideas as it might be quite rush.

But will still hope over to macau,i want their egg tarts :DD
Only plan till 3rd day of the trip,4 more day to go~

Very headache part of the trip,my online shop.

What to do with it when i am away for the 8 days?!

Close or not close??
Just open it for a couple of week and then close for one week seem retarded.
But if i was to open,then either i will have to bring my laptop,

or someone will have to reply the order for me.

Keep wondering should i start some taiwan clothes spree.
Had couple of it in hands since last year.

Try some of the clothes,quality not bad.
Maybe a few month later,will settle my shoes 1st :)

Malaysia tml :D
Going to do manicure over there!!!

Should sleep early tonight as tml had to wake up early.