Thursday, April 7, 2011

HauteUrban is up!


Have some really cute customers kinda actually scold me for closing the spree for so long.
People ask me why my customer so firece one,lol!
Because they want to buy pretty shoes!!!!
Who can seriously resist when looking at those real sexy and pretty heels right!!!
When i was putting up the shoes in the web,i am seriously cursing either my feet or the supplier!
I wear sizes like 42/43 from my own spree,so,many shoes,i can only look =((
and forgetting that i am tall,1.7m~
which i keep telling myself,who say tall girls cannot wear heels!!!
Though will get scolded by ppl who is not so tall when heading out with me :P

These 2 pair!!!I want!!!
But,limited size only :(

Got a scare from jetstar ytd due to cancellation of our flight.
Change us to other flight instead.
8 days of hk now instead of 7 days!
Wondering how should i "operate" HauteUrban during my trips to hk!
But still,i am so looking forward to the trip,
and aftermath,my 21st b'dae!