Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm feeling hungry and super sleepy now!!!
Been thinking for the pass half an hr whether to eat anything!

Anyway,work at SH is not bad so far.
Just don't pin too high hope,everything should be alright.
But still,i wish that intern will end fast.
I don't want to nelgect HU,but everyday after work,
i'm left with only a few hrs to do HU stuff =(.
Totally not enough time!!!!

Finally going to take driving lesson,
going to head down with tricia to register for it.
We are so great to have each other tgt in our work man.
Feel damm moody when she "ps" me on one of the day.LOL
i told her i going to "ps" her one day too and she say she will just skip together with me.LOL
No support from one another can really cause us go crazy during work!!!!

Why my weekend always seem to pass damm fast =(
Going off to sleep!!!

FELICIA LAU,faster do your PD hor!!!!!
Think of "retain" everytime when u decide to do other things instead.LOL