Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am so tired!
Working up to almost 16hrs everyday!!!

Attachment is so damm stress up.
Like hells please. =(
Me and tricia is seriously start to have difficulties in breathing soon.

I am almost on the verge to cry man!
Work start 8am - almost 6 everyday.
Back home,rest for around half an hr,
i continue my business till like i can't take it anymore then to sleep.
My life on weekdays is just work and work the moment i wake up,
till the time i went to bed.
Weekend,work and work again.
Sometime i just wonder,
did i take too many thing at once.
Should i just stop or slow down the business,
but,is impossible,i will not give up anything on it.
So i just tell myself,it will be worth.
Once everything is up and attachment finish,
i will feel great that i did not give up!


and i am now seriously of thinking hiring another person.
Chyng come only on weekend to help me do the packing,
i need someone to follow up many admin stuff for me!
Someone who is able to be serious in work and of cus,
should have no control over me!
(which mean,cannot be i scare of that person)
Especially during my attachment,
but is so hard to find one!