Saturday, March 13, 2010

I don't know why but blogger seem like not wanting me to post my trips photos.

It take it ard 5-10 sec to upload every 5 photo using blogger for my shoes spree.
But,it take half an hour not even upload one single photo of my trip. -_-!!!

Anyway,after all the rushing,finally done with the shoes.(ok,half of it)
Because of my super lagging phone,which show that today is wednesday,
happily me,keep thinking i still got alot of time to do the shoes!!!

Until my mum tell me today is friday just now,and i keep asking her not to lie!!!
I been sitting in fornt of the com for don't know how many hours already!!!
My poor eyes,i refuse to let it shut.

Reason : I was suppose to come out with the shoes by sunday for the advert post!!!
and i had not done with hell lots of shoes!!
only able to come out with one spree instead on 2 this time round then. =(