Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We have a war with Mr Lizard ytd.

Went into the room thinking to sleep immediately,
happen to saw this lizard crawling under my bed.
Spent 10min searching high & low for it cus no one dare to sleep,
thinking that the lizard might 'slp with us in the night"

Finally found it and it is really trying to crawl onto 琳 bed at 1st,
then to mine.So the mission start.
Of cus,it had to be OUR sister (dajie) the one to kill it right.
Only reason : because both me & 琳 call you DA JIE for some reason one right :D
We chase after the lizard and spraying it with the pesticide at least 10 time.
I swear is 10 time at least and the lizard is still alive,running under my bed!!!

Then we try to use a very heavy book and slam it,when we open the book after awhile,
it is still ALIVE!!!! Very strong will to be alive!!!

It was already like 1am plus and parent is both asleep.
But,if we can't sleep,mean daddy also cannot slp!!! LOL
So daddy was call to our room to get that lizard out,
after we try so many ways to chase/kill it.

The night didn't just end like this for 琳 as she is "freak" by that lizard!
LOL.so -_-!!!
Asking me to fall asleep only after she is asleep,
and trying hard to disturb jie too.
But we are just too tired to entertain her =)